2017 is just beginning!?

This year I plan to put together journals and sketch diaries like I use to do!  The reason for this is to work again on drawing what I see!  

When I was an art instructor for Sierra college Extension 1978 until 1995-96, I encouraged my students to draw often!   I have been neglecting my own advice..I have been depending on paint and pens and forsaking the good old pencil.. now you ask, what is the difference?  Well, first off, I mostly always have a pencil at hand, so I shall grab it up, gather scratch paper and go for it!  And..  in my sketchbook, probably later, I can with a glue stick add quick designs or scribbles to save together with like subjects I might have already saved.  So this is my plan to draw and doodle more, intending to work to improve starter sketches into a finished design for a larger piece of art to be carried out in near future!  I have started today!