New Showings

New showing of Winter Watercolor prints of Paintings by local artist Loana Beeson can be viewed while enjoying a delicious breakfast or lunch at the popular restaurant, "Paulettes Country Kitchen" on Sutton Way in the Glenbrook area of Nevada County.   

All Art pieces are created by Loana herself and framed by husband Al Beeson..and are for sale at reasonable prices there at the restaurant.  Seasonal Notecards and magnets are also available for sale

2017 is just beginning!?

This year I plan to put together journals and sketch diaries like I use to do!  The reason for this is to work again on drawing what I see!  

When I was an art instructor for Sierra college Extension 1978 until 1995-96, I encouraged my students to draw often!   I have been neglecting my own advice..I have been depending on paint and pens and forsaking the good old pencil.. now you ask, what is the difference?  Well, first off, I mostly always have a pencil at hand, so I shall grab it up, gather scratch paper and go for it!  And..  in my sketchbook, probably later, I can with a glue stick add quick designs or scribbles to save together with like subjects I might have already saved.  So this is my plan to draw and doodle more, intending to work to improve starter sketches into a finished design for a larger piece of art to be carried out in near future!  I have started today!  

Nevada County watercolor paintings scenes by Loana Beeson...

...are available in the following locations:                                               

Notecards and postcards at Ben Franklin Craft's and Frames shop at 598 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, California.           

Nevada City Chamber of commerce office has notes, postcards and magnets with
scenes of town and places of interest!  132 Main Street, Nevada City, California

Emily's Cakes and Catering, 421 Colfax Avenue, Grass Valley, California.  Notecards and mini ornaments  (seasonal).